Health and Safety

We take great pride in making sure Everyone gets home safely Everyday

Management Commitment

  • Provide a safe work place, safe equipment and appropriate materials
  • Establish and insist upon safe methods and safe practices at all times
  • Comply with all legislative requirements, codes of practice and safe operating procedures relevent to our work place

Team Work Makes

The Dream Work

Health and Safety is very important to everyone here at On Time Traffic Management Limited.

All OTTM staff are required to attend weekly health and safety meetings. During these meeting we go over the previous weeks work and discuss any incidences that may have occurred. We review how these incidents could have been avoided and any changes we need to make to our policies and practices to prevent it happening again. As a team we review two SOPs (safe operating practices) each week, keeping our Staff and our paperwork up to date.

Our qualified STMS staff are responsible for supervising all aspects of our sites, to achieve effective protection of the people in and around our work sites. Ensuring traffic is flowing in the correct direction and complying with all necessary standards and safe working practices.

OTTM are continuously updating our Health and Safety polices to ensure all employees are knowledgeable regarding hazards they may come across and are confident in how to avoid or deal with these hazards.